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With more than 30 years of experience as an executive, entrepreneur and coach, Allan Fried has spent his career focused on bringing out the best in others. An inspired leader, lifelong learner and lover of big ideas, Allan believes entrepreneurs are some of the most creative people on the planet, with the potential to make the world a better place. As a coach, he has a talent for recognizing clients’ unique strengths and an uncanny ability to help them develop those strengths into something even greater than themselves.

Allan spent more than 20 years developing the careers of some of the world's most significant musicians, artists and songwriters. His is a quintessential New York success story, with a career trajectory that has taken him from the mailroom of renowned talent agency ICM to the offices of VP at International BMG and COO at Knitmedia. Along the way, he’s been a startup founder, a business owner, a consultant and a coach.

Allan is an award-winning group chair with Vistage Worldwide, the world's leading CEO organization. He holds a PCC certification from the International Coach Federation and is an alumnus of New York University's coach training program. As a respected leader in his field, Allan also has the privilege of serving as a mentor to other coaches.


Who I Work With

Successful professionals often pursue coaching because they feel they've hit some sort of ceiling. They're bored in their role, feel stagnant or they've lost confidence in their abilities. They often feel stuck, unsure of what to do next to advance, make a move or make a difference. Sound familiar?

I use a quote from philosopher Alan Watts as a starting point for our work: "You can't be different, only more of yourself." When we dig deep to uncover and define your values and strengths, your perceived obstacles and needs, your talents and resources, we know what we have to work with. That's when we can set goals that are based on a full understanding of who you are and what you really want your business, career and life to look like.

There isn't just one answer to what you can do with your business, career and life. My own coach taught me to look beyond my limited view of what I could see for myself and believed I was capable of achieving. Through in-depth self-inquiry and aligned execution, coaching helps you examine your potential and see how you can achieve more when you work toward business and career goals that are in alignment with your personal values and purpose.

Are We A Fit?

Coaching is a relationship. Like any other, alignment is important to our success. From industry leaders and business owners to executives and professionals, my clients share similar traits. They’re driven to learn and grow, both personally and professionally. They want to align and integrate the interests of the company, employees, colleagues and stakeholders. And most importantly, they strive to have an impact that’s greater than the bottom line.

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Career + Executive + Business Coaching

My work focuses on coaching accomplished professionals in three key areas

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Career Coaching

If you're a motivated professional, use Career Coaching to uncover your strengths, define your goals and make your move.
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Business Coaching

If you're a founder, a leader or a business owner, use Business Coaching to energize your business, find your balance and evolve your leadership.
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Executive Coaching

If you're a successful exec, use Executive Coaching to develop personally, improve your performance and transcend your edge.
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"You zeroed right in on what you called my 'excuse' for not going forward with what I wanted to do. You worked a minor miracle with your caring attention, skill and honesty."
Noelle Lake
"Allan has assisted me in living to my full potential – exactly what I desired out of my experience with him."
Sally Estrada
Business Owner
"Allan is remarkably insightful. He has a wonderful ability to ‘hear’ between the lines."
Television Executive
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