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Allan Fried
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Coaching with Allan Fried

Through my own experience as an executive, entrepreneur and coach, I’ve developed a unique approach to coaching that can help transform the way you think, work and do business.

My personalized programs result in clarified vision, greater effectiveness and a newfound sense of freedom. But you should know that if you’re truly ready to learn, grow and do the most important work of your life, things may get uncomfortable.

I’ll personally challenge you through a process of fearless self-inquiry. I’ll push you to think beyond your self-imposed limits. I’ll help you stay focused on realizing your vision.

And personal is important. I work exclusively with each of my clients, so there’s no generic process to follow. My programs are customized to get results based on your experience. Your expertise. Your aspirations.

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"I can help you move forward and step into action." -A.F.

Career + Business +
Executive Coaching

My work focuses on coaching accomplished professionals in three key areas:

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Career Coaching

Uncover your strengths. Define your goals. Make your move.
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Business Coaching

Energize your business. Find your balance. Evolve your leadership.
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Executive Coaching

Develop personally. Improve your performance. Transcend your edge.
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"Allan gave me the tools which ultimately allowed me to get beyond my self-limiting perceptions. I would recommend him wholeheartedly."

Claudia Cividino

CEO Americas, Bally

"Allan not only helped me work through any difficulties I was having with my career, but more importantly, he encouraged and pushed me to think about my life as a whole and to lean into the areas where I was passionate."

Garth Bardsley

Vice President Digital Video, MTV

"My experience with Allan can be described as empowering. I now have a vision for my business and for my personal life. My days are filled with greater peace of mind."

Jim Cox

President, Cox Concepts

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"I don’t help my clients get away from anything. I help them move toward something." -A.F.