Career Coaching

Uncover your strengths. Define your goals. Make your move.

You may have achieved success, make great money, or hold a great title. But there’s nothing to say your main act isn’t still in front of you.

I know what it’s like to feel stuck – not because you haven’t achieved success, but because you have. The fear that making a change will mean you have to settle for less. Through my proprietary career coaching program, I guide you to make smart, inspired career decisions designed to create more opportunity – not less.

Career coaching is an inside-out process that digs far and deep so you can get somewhere that would be impossible on your own. We start with uncovering your natural strengths. Rediscovering your talents. Getting clear about who you really are. It’s an organic approach that builds on your innate gifts, talents and interests. When you have clarity in these areas, you’re in a position to make wiser choices for your life and career.

You don’t have to choose between success and a fulfilling career. You’ve earned the right to do work you enjoy. Work that lights you up. I’ve been where you are. I know that it can feel like you have limited options. Or that the sacrifice to make a change would be too great. But there’s no reason to think your main act is behind you. I can support you and share what I’ve learned from working with hundreds of clients, so that you can uncover your own path to freedom in your career and life.

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"Allan challenges you to break through to what you really want. Every session has provided me with an ‘Aha!’ moment of how I can take concrete steps to make my dream job a reality instead of settling for a second-best career."
Joe Kutchera
Author and Digital Marketing Consultant
"After the NFL, I struggled to find a new purpose in life. Allan opened my eyes to an entirely new world of possibility, supporting me in articulating a career in not only doing what I love to do, but what I was naturally born to do."
James Hill
Former NFL Player
"In our three months together, not only do I have a new career identified, but I have actually started living that new career."
Diane Beck
Project Manager
"Allan’s methodology differed from other mentors that I’ve worked with in that he puts an emphasis on his clients’ happiness – as opposed to just their paychecks."
Craig Weidhorn
CEO, Softwear LLC
"Allan has that rare gift of consistently challenging you, while at the same time making you feel that he’s your number one champion – and he truly understands where you’re coming from."
Gaby Sappington
Executive Director, World Music Institute
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Working with Allan

My career intervention process provides a platform for fearless self-inquiry. Together, we’ll transform dissatisfaction into motivation. Change perceived impossibilities into options. And move from stasis into momentum.

I’ve spent more than a decade guiding driven professionals and executives through the process of career change. With the perspective of an expert guide, you’ll learn to trust in your abilities. Recognize opportunities. And make choices in alignment with your authentic self. It’s a challenging and transformative process that can only happen one-on-one, with complete commitment and dedication from both sides.

"When you know you’re using your talents to their fullest, you’ll experience joy in your work. Excitement about what lies ahead. And a sense of freedom that comes with owning your decisions." -A.F.

Define. Inquire. Design. Execute. Evaluate.

We’ll begin by defining goals that are truly worth pursuing – those with intrinsic meaning beyond a simple job change or the bottom line. You’ll gain perspective on the personal resources you already have in place – and we’ll design a game plan to help you uncover and develop the resources you need to reach your goals. We’ll celebrate the victories, learn from the failures and course-correct as we move forward together.

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