Vistage NYC Presents

The Art & Science of Coaching

Vistage NYC Presents The Art & Science of Coaching
Featured Speaker:
Irina Baranov
June 12, 2023 1:00 PM
4:00 pm
New York City (Manhattan)
CEOs and Business Owners
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In this fun and highly interactive workshop, participants will learn how coaching is different from other forms of leading and managing, and the key elements of coaching well.

You will learn and practice techniques that they will be able to use immediately themselves, as well as teach them to others on your team.

5 Keys to the art and science of coaching:

<li>The coaching state</li>

Powerful questions

Creating new possibilities

Taking action

Creating an accountability and feedback loop

Value to chair/group:

This will be an experiential, fun, eye-opening and deeply bonding session for participants. You will leave with better coaching skills and better ways to connect with your team.

What other CEOs have said about this presentation:

- "Irina's presentation was outstanding. Everyone was engaged the entire meeting. Her presentation manner was fun and she is delightful.”

- "I would highly recommend Irina. Her style and content--especially her coaching framework--were the perfect focus.. The framework is easily scalable and teachable to other managers and employees in an organization, as well as applicable to one's personal life interactions.”

- "The heavily interactive and playful nature of the session is different from all other sessions I've attended and makes for a very engaged audience. I highly recommend Irina's session."

About Irina

As a certified executive coach, Vistage Master Chair, faculty member and speaker, Irina Baranov works with CEO’s, leaders and organizations - taking them from good to great. In her 1-on-1 work with the top 1%, as well as with groups and audiences around the world, she helps create awareness and lasting/meaningful change in how leaders communicate, and specifically in how they coach others to greatness.

Irina delivers a blend of warmth, wisdom and humor. Her stories and exercises are designed to inspire insight, real learning and sustained action. Her expertise has been featured on CBS, NBC and ABC, as well as in numerous print and online publications. Get ready for an unforgettable workshop of learning, laughing and building some new coaching muscles!

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"Allan gave me the tools which ultimately allowed me to get beyond my self-limiting perceptions. I would recommend him wholeheartedly."
Claudia Cividino
CEO Americas, Bally
"Six months later, you look back and realize you achieved something you never believed you could. [My Vistage group has made] the biggest impact of anything I've done for my business."
Chara McGill
CEO, RMG Group
"Allan’s methodology differed from other mentors that I’ve worked with in that he puts an emphasis on his clients’ happiness – as opposed to just their paychecks."
Craig Weidhorn
CEO, Softwear LLC
"Using the tools and experiences I gained through my Vistage membership, I’ve doubled the size of my company in four years and bettered my work-life balance at the same time."
Matthew Saravay
CEO, Wizard Studios
"Allan reads between the lines and is quick to interpret the inner struggles I’m grappling with. He brings clarity to these struggles and pushes me to interpret them as opportunities."
Yale Zoland
CEO, Zolands
"Allan has that rare gift of consistently challenging you, while at the same time making you feel that he’s your number one champion – and he truly understands where you’re coming from."
Gaby Sappington
Executive Director, World Music Institute
The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Allan is gratitude. His impact on me can not be overstated and I am incredibly grateful for having had the chance to work with him.
Eric Nemer
Partner, Nemer Motor Group
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