Vistage New York Presents

Personal Accountability

Vistage New York City Presents Personal Accountability
Featured Speaker:
Todd Musselman
March 10, 2021 9:00 AM
12:00 pm
Via Zoom
CEOs and Business Owners

Todd’s focus for the workshop is on creating a mindset of personal ownership to optimize each individual's leadership skills, capabilities and results.  Todd utilizes the victim/owner distinction to demonstrate the profound difference between operating in the victim mindset (reacting to circumstances) vs. the ownership mindset (creating your circumstances) and the effect each mindset has on one's overall performance as a leader.  Using a  series of distinctions, the presentation clearly defines and differentiates these mindsets, and demonstrates how to choose into the ownership mindset more consistently to produce lasting results both personally and professionally. Examples of these distinctions include: “Have to” (victim) vs. “Want to” (owner), “Pleasing” (victim) vs. “Serving” (owner), “Interested  (victim) vs. “Committed” (owner). In addition, the workshop provides steps to further develop each individual’s leadership qualities in six critical areas: trust, integrity, effective communication, acknowledgement & empowerment, accountability and collaboration. Using a dynamic combination of stories, humor and experiential exercises, Todd provide’s a fun, inspiring and highly interactive workshop that will leave each participant with the tools and the mindset to create powerful results in their lives.

Participants will receive a greater awareness of how they are showing up as leaders both at work and at home.  Are they consistently coming from the victim mindset or the ownership mindset?  The training will clearly illuminate their dominate mindset and the effect it has on their leadership and overall performance. By gaining this awareness, each individual can then choose out of the limiting mindset (victim) and into the empowering mindset  (owner) more intentionally.  The workshop provides tangible strategies and action steps that demonstrate how to choose into the ownership mindset more consistently and by doing so greatly enhance their leadership capabilities.  In addition, each participant will walk away with tools that enable them to create greater value through their conversations at work and at home. The workshop has as much value to partcipants in their personal life as it does in their role as a leader of their organization.

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"Allan gave me the tools which ultimately allowed me to get beyond my self-limiting perceptions. I would recommend him wholeheartedly."
Claudia Cividino
CEO Americas, Bally
"Six months later, you look back and realize you achieved something you never believed you could. [My Vistage group has made] the biggest impact of anything I've done for my business."
Chara McGill
CEO, RMG Group
"Allan’s methodology differed from other mentors that I’ve worked with in that he puts an emphasis on his clients’ happiness – as opposed to just their paychecks."
Craig Weidhorn
CEO, Softwear LLC
"Using the tools and experiences I gained through my Vistage membership, I’ve doubled the size of my company in four years and bettered my work-life balance at the same time."
Matthew Saravay
CEO, Wizard Studios
"Allan reads between the lines and is quick to interpret the inner struggles I’m grappling with. He brings clarity to these struggles and pushes me to interpret them as opportunities."
Yale Zoland
CEO, Zolands
"Allan has that rare gift of consistently challenging you, while at the same time making you feel that he’s your number one champion – and he truly understands where you’re coming from."
Gaby Sappington
Executive Director, World Music Institute
The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Allan is gratitude. His impact on me can not be overstated and I am incredibly grateful for having had the chance to work with him.
Eric Nemer
Partner, Nemer Motor Group
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